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Amazing man and leader! When I first met John he was so kind and caring. You always left the conversation feeling motivated and creative.  I will miss that beautiful smile and him always saying, “Ok Kids,” or “Have a great day kids.” RIP and God Bless!

- Jill E.

It was a pleasure to have met John Goodman. He certainly had great vision. His vision was shared with his team and they all understood the vision.

As a contractor I see plans, spec and then build.  His team help me see the end purpose.  It’s about the people that live there; make their lives better, happier and safer.

I watch them take care of the residents with such respect and care.  They are all caregivers and friends.

So sad to see go.

- Erik S.

As we are trying to understand and move forward with the news of John’s passing our hearts and prayers go out to John’s family. My career with The Village Health Care Center has been intertwined with the time spent with Sidney and John Goodman and the sincerity of their comments on how grateful they are for all that is being done on behalf of the residents. John would say whatever your residents needs are, make sure you get that for them. John’s focus was our elders.

- Kathy H.

So sorry to hear of the passing of Mr G. I am so glad and fortunate to have gotten to know him and become good friends. Every time we ran into each other, he asked how we were progressing with our CNA’s. He was so proud that Shane had started the dialogue so many years ago. He sent me signed copies of his books last year and made a big deal of my birthday. He had his whole table sing me happy birthday at the Wayzata Beach Bash concert with Dierks Bentley…

He was an amazing person and we are all lucky to have known and learned so much from him.

Sorry for your loss…

He was an amazing person and we are all lucky to have known and learned so much from him.

Sorry for your loss…

- Scott H.

What a beautiful and generous man John was here, and is there, for he is very much alive!!

I don’t know how long it will take John to hug every man, woman, and child in the eternity he is enjoying today, but he will get to every one of them. He has forever to do it!

If anyone was more prepared to bring a little more light, and a lot more love where only love exists, it’s John.

It’s that image of John that Maria and I will take with us all the rest of our days.

- Hutch & Maria W.

I met John Goodman long before I worked for him for the past two years. He was a very dedicated family man, very emotional and sincere, and just an all-around good guy. Some of the quotes in his book I remembered hearing from him in the past. I wish to extend my deepest sympathy to all his family and loved ones.

- Terry R.

I was never able to meet John, but I have been blessed enough to have worked for his company the last 21 years. His vision for senior living was inspirational. I can only hope we can all continue to inspire each other as he would want us to do so as we continue the legacy he began. To enrich the lives of those we serve by delivering exceptional service. Thank you John for creating a company I am so proud to work for. May your family and friends find solace in one another as they navigate this difficult time. My condolences to you.

- Jessica M.

It was a real honor, joy and pleasure to get to know you, John. You are missed.

- Patrick A.

I would like to thank John Goodman for sharing his family and their vision with all of us. It is a blessing to work for a company who was thinking of others and projected such positivity (which is hard to find in today’s workplace). The positive and healthy workplace that he and The Goodman Group gave me five years ago was very much needed and also allows me to extend this work environment to others. Thank you for sharing your vision and allowing others to learn from it. God Bless you and may you smile with your wonderful father as well. As I imagine, John would say, “Goodbye kids”.

- Natalie B.

My heart goes out to John’s family and friends. He had a lot of them. All with a wonderful story to tell of how John somehow managed to lift their spirits in the smallest of ways. I’ve never met a more gentle soul. John was an acquaintance I had met through mutual friends in Florida and it developed into him introducing me to his friends when I visited Minnesota for work trip. He knew I was seeking new employment so he had me visit his office. He was so proud to show me around the rooms and halls to meet everyone. I’ve never seen someone so fully engaged with the moment he was in. Full of pride and peace. He shared some stories of his father while in his office. We then left for the day to gather with a group on Lake Minnetonka. A beautiful day. Wonderful group. We took the boat to Fletcher’s and docked. The hostess was waiting and John passed her some money for holding our table. We commenced to have the most wonderful evening full of laughter and smiles. We played games and just shared each other’s time. Sharing was what it was all about. John lived to share in moments like that day on the lake. The simple stuff. I’m sure others have more memories they hold dear. He once met me for dinner and came out of the restaurant to take care of my taxi. I’ve never had a man do that for me nor did I expect it. He was always looking out for his friends. These are my last memories of John. God rest his soul.

- Sally H.

It has been a pleasure working for John and The Goodman Group at Parkwood Pointe since the new building was built over the past six years. John will be truly missed. He always put a smile on everyone’s faces when he visited the community. It has been amazing working for an owner who truly appreciates the people who make up the company. He was an inspiration to all who met and had the chance to talk with him. My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. R.I.P. John!

- David W.

On behalf of the entire Campbell family, we pay our respects to John Goodman and our hearts go out to his family and the entire Goodman Group. He was a great man and touched so many lives! We will all miss him. He made the world a better place!

- Kim, Cal, Shannon and Ashley C.

As neighbors of the Goodmans on Oak Ridge Trails, Diane and I knew John many years ago. We invested with his father Sid who was also a gentleman. John was always very professional as well as personable. He was a mench and friend. We did not see him often but considered us to be friends. We are very sorry to hear of his passing, and wish all of you continued good fortune and health and wish all of you well.

- Neil and Diane H.

Mr. Goodman – Your legacy will live on through the thousands of lives you personally touched and those who have had the honor to live, work or share in The Goodman Group’s endeavors. Thank you for your hugs and may God Bless you and all who love you!

- Ellen A.

We in the housekeeping department at The Village Senior Residence and were saddened to hear of Johns passing. Although we never got to meet John face to face, we always heard what a nice and special person he was. I am sure he will be missed by everyone who knew him and worked for him.

- Arleen T.

John inspired those who knew him, and those who knew of him. His vision and passion will live on through his family and those with whom he had contact. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has suffered this great loss.

- Kevin B.

I work for The Goodman Group at Westpark Village. I am honored to work here. John’s vision of how seniors should live was incredible. I am grateful to be a part of his vision, working with the residents and being lucky enough to be in their lives. He certainly has big shoes to fill, but I am optimistic that his vision will be carried on.

- Heidi B.

I knew John Goodman for only 7 months since I became the Spiritual Director of The Palms of Largo, the Premier Assisted Living 96-acre complex in the heart of Pinellas County, Florida. My last visit with him was just a few days before he died. As was his custom, he was showing The Palms of Largo facilities to a guest. He stopped by my office. We hugged and then he said, “Chaplain, tell her what you do.”

Having read his latest book and seeing from time to time, it reinforced that John was a man motivated to bring quality care, love, and grace to all the residents throughout The Goodman Group. Not many people of his stature could you say are honest, sincere, caring, selfless, sacrificial, and servant to all people. No matter if they are employees or residents, John was consistently treating everyone with the same loving and tenderhearted care.

John will be missed by all of us. But we all will take a little bit of the “good man” with us throughout our lives. Thank you, John. You have been a testimony and inspiration to all of us who had the privilege of knowing you. Blessings to your family as they celebrate your life and continue to “receive grace” for the days ahead.

- Glenn P.

It is with great sadness that I write this letter in memory of The Soulful CEO. I met John for the first time about 6-months ago when I was hired to help promote his books, The Road to Self: Reflections from a Soulful CEO and Moments Matter: Everyday Inspiration from a Soulful CEO.

At our first encounter, John asked me to tell him a little about myself and I happily shared how I had recently helped my 14-year-old son publish a book about the cat family he had helped rescue; and that we were donating 100% of the money earned through sales to the nonprofit that had helped with the rescue.

Right away, John said he wanted to buy 25 copies of Saving Stripes: A Kitty’s Story. I happily accepted his offer and, as per his request, shipped half the books to the Intergenerational Learning Center in Florida and the other half to the Intergenerational Learning Center in Minnesota. John’s generosity didn’t end there. He wrote a second check to my son and said he should use the money how he saw fit to make a difference.

Justin bought more books, as well as some stuffed animals. Both will be given to Girl Scouts who participate in a program where they earn a badge after learning about the work done by S.O.S. Rescue Relief, Inc., of Plymouth, Minn., to help homeless cats and dogs find their forever homes. He donated the remaining funds to the charity to help with the care of animals that live at the charity’s Adopt-A-Pet Shop while waiting to be adopted.

Inspired not only by John’s generosity, but also the video played at John’s memorial, which he attended, Justin is now looking into starting up a publishing company specifically for teens and kids who want to get their books published, but otherwise couldn’t afford to do so.

Thank you John for touching our lives in such a wonderful way! We will never forget you!

- R. Anderson

To the Goodman Group,

I was so shocked and saddened by the news of John’s passing.  I can only imagine what those of you close to John are experiencing.  I am so deeply sorry. The service yesterday was beautiful and an amazing tribute to John.  I wish I’d had the opportunity, as you have had, to have known him better.  My heart goes out to those of you who did. True to his spirit, I am sure John put together an amazing team to carry on his vision, his values and his commitment to operating the caring and high quality companies he created.  The whole of The Goodman Group has my prayers and my confidence as you go through this tremendous transition in carrying John’s legacy forward.

Respectfully and in sadness,

- Jackie H.

I share the loss all of you feel regarding the passing of John Goodman. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of you. He had a great vision that I know all of you share and continue to shape. I know that Dennis attended his wake in Minnesota representing all of us but I wanted to personally reach out to add my feelings.

When John presented me with his book “The Road to Self”, he wrote, “Thank you for all that you do for others.” I would say and offer sentiment that to all of you as well.

Kind personal regards,

- Russ M.

What can I say about a man that cared about everyone? Because of him, I have formed a wonderful 16 year friendship with a former Children’s Center resident at Sabal Palms Health Care Center.

I was fortunate to meet John three times. The first time was for an award for high school community service hours. The second time was in January 2016 when he was touring his facilities in Largo. Little did I know that two weeks ago on March 14 would be the last time that I would see him.His book and message I will cherish forever.

- Mary S.